The use of new technologies in English classrooms: what do I need to change?

junho 01, 2020

I’ve been studying the use of new technologies in English classrooms and that got me thinking that there’re always improvements to be made in our pedagogy concerning the use of technologies. Technology is everchanging, and we should be adapting and changing too.

The first issue I can point is the use of technology not only on my end, but also on the student’s end. What I mean by that is I cannot plan a lesson, using all sorts of technologies available, and then when it’s time to ask them to produce their homework, I forget to encourage the use of tech.

This may sound obvious to some of you, but it was an issue for me. Studying this topic I realized I was invested in bringing new platforms to the classroom, but I was nonchalant when it came to encouraging them to keep the use of technology at home.

I noticed that this could be easily solved if I told them to share their work on social media, such as using Instagram’s close friends to share videos with me and their peers. In pandemic times like these, to encourage them to use the tools they have is like finding a hidden treasure.

I might add that this issue points to another one: the ability to be the guide on the side. The teacher shouldn’t be that distant authority, but a friend available to guide and let the student shine. What I can change in my pedagogy concerning this issue is the ability to learn from my students. When you are a guide on the side you’re open to learn from them.

If I get to class with an established mind concerning what tech I’m going to use, I don’t open the possibility to learn from them. But if I encourage them to continually use technology to learn at home, I can learn from them in the next class.

These issues are connected to the idea that technologies can change the classroom, but we have to change as well, to be opened to teach and learn. After all, that’s life, right? A constant exchange. We learn, we teach, we live.

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